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I'm winding down towards semi-retiring at the end of 2016. I'll no longer be taking new general counselling cases, only a limited number to do with my special interests.

Still available for talks and training in 2017 and will be doing more research.

Still in Pakenham on Thursdays but now at
My Place, 5-7 Main Street (near McGregor Road). No after hours appointments in Pakenham, but working Monday evenings in Dandenong.

I have a book contract with Austin Macauley publishers and hopefully my book on violence to parents will be out in 2017.

03 9016 0156.

Mobile: 0423 868 868

Fax 03 8738 7287




Dandenong, Mon (late) & Tues (9 to 6),

21 King St. (behind maket)

Pakenham on

Thursdays (9 to 5) @

'My Place', 5-7 Main St. (near McGregor Rd).


general counselling (not formal assessments) of individuals of all ages & families

Violence to parents,

General parenting






Intellectual disability

etc. etc.

This web-site exists mainly to provide info on violence to parents and parent abuse as there is almost nothing on the web. See link to "Violence to parents" in the bar above.

It also provides a way to contact me even if my e-mail address changes.

It will also provide access to some of my other writing on topics such as disability, marital separation, strength-focussed counselling, etc (if I ever get time to add them).



I seriously felt that I was on my last legs until a very dear friend told me about your website. I live in outback QLD and first looked at your website at work and I couldn’t stop crying. Everything that I was reading I had been through and am still going through but on different levels. Your website has given me a source of normality, knowing that other parents have gone through or are going through the same issues that we have faced.

I have been totally inspired about your website and have taken solace in it.
I seriously believed that I was the only one going through this and didn’t even think there would be a website like yours.
I can relate to the letters from your parents that are on your site in some way.

I felt like I had nowhere to turn to until I read your website, every word of it. It gave me strength and confirmed to me what we are doing is the right thing. Being strong and united, setting boundaries and sticking with them.


With Barbara Cottrell and Javier Urra at Madrid Conference Sept 2011. Barbara and I were the two international speakers at a large (300+ professionals) conference specifically on violence to parents. Thanks to Javier and the team at Recurra in Madrid.


I am a Psychologist, Social Worker, Family Therapist, Trainer, Supervisor, Student, Writer, Parent, Foster Carer & Glaswegian (though not necessarily in that order).  I have 35+ years experience (that's work experience - a bit more life experience, unfortunately).

I live in Melbourne, Australia with a wife, a son and a cat.

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This website is under (cheerfully amateur) construction (& always will be)